Archived: 8th Winter Conference
on Medicinal & Bioorganic Chemistry

January 21st - 25th 2007

Steamboat Springs Resort, Colorado


Sunday, January 21st 2007

Orphan Drugs

Program Chair: Lester A. Mitscher, University of Kansas

Lester A. Mitscher University of Kansas

Orphan Drugs: An Ever Expanding Drug Category

Zhenkun Ma Global Alliance of TB Drug Development

Development of New Therapies against Tuberculosis

Paul O'Neill University of Liverpool

Antimalarial Chemotherapy in the 21st Century; Recent Advances in the Development of Drugs Targeting the Hemoglobin Degradation Pathway

Monday, January 22nd 2007

General Oral Session

Program Chair: Bryan Norman, Eli Lilly & Company

Not Itemized

Methods for Fluoro Substituent Introduction into Organic Molecules

Program Chair: Victor Snieckus, Queen’s University

Sandro Mecozzi University of Wisconsin

A New View of the Role of Fluorine in Medicinal Chemistry

Stephen DiMagno University of Wisconsin

Recent Progress with Nucleophilic Fluorinating Agents

Junji Ichikawa University of Tokyo

Construction of Fluorinated Heterocycles by Using the Characteristic Reactivities of Fluoro Alkenes

Tuesday, January 23rd 2007

Update on the Discovery of Liver-X-Receptor (LXR) Agonists to Raise HDL

Program Chair: Jeff Zablocki, CVTherapeutics

Jason W. Szewczyk Merck Research Labs

Mixed and alpha-Selective LXR Agonists and their Effects in vivo

Matthew Abelman CV Therapeutics

A Novel Series of Tetracyclic Acridines as Potent LXR Activators

Raju Mohan Exelixis

A Lesson from the LXR Alphabet…It’s Not Just About the ABCs

Robert Steffan Wyeth Research

Design of Potent and Selective LXR Agonists from a Series of Quinoline and Indazole Core Compounds

Biomedical Imaging and Diagnostics

Program Chair: Tony Barrett, Imperial College

David Parker University of Durham

England Analysis, Microscopy and Imaging with Lanthanide Probes

Ching H. Tung Massachusetts General Hospital - Harvard Medical School

Developing Fluorescent Probes for Biomedical Imaging

Kai Licha Schering AG

Fluorescent Dyes under Influence: Design of Cyanine Conjugates for Optical Molecular Imaging

Kenneth N. Raymond University of California - Berkley

High Relaxivity and High Stability in Gd MRI Agents

Wednesday, January 24th 2007

Recent Advances in Organic Chemistry

Program Chair: Robert M. Williams, Colorado State University

Louis S. Hegedus

From Microcycles to Macrocycles: Azapenams to Dioxocyclams

Alan J. Kennan

Methods for and Applications of Helical Peptide Self-Assembly

Tomislav Rovis

Catalytic Asymmetric C-C and C-N Bond-Forming Reactions

Yian Shi

Oxidation of Olefins

John L. Wood

Discovery by Synethesis: New Methods for Deoxygenation

Albert I. Meyers

Chiral Oxazolines – Their Legacy in Asymmetric C-C Bond Forming Reactions

Poster Session

Program Chair: Jack Hodges, Berry & Associates

Dr. Laura L. Kiessling University of Wisconsin - Madison

Sunshine Peak/Mt. Werner


Thursday, January 25th 2007

Picking the Right Pocket: Advances in non-ATP Kinase Inhibitor Design

Program Chair: Michael Rafferty, Deciphera Pharmaceuticals

E. Premkumar Reddy Temple University School of Medicine

Non-ATP Competitive Inhibitors of Serine/Theronine and Tyrosine Kinases for Cancer Therapy

Daniel Flynn Deciphera Pharmaceuticals LLC

Mimicry of Endogenous Kinase Regulation. Small Molecule Modulators of Kinase Conformational Switching Pockets

Darrin Stuart Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research

Preclinical Development of RAF265: A Novel and Potent Inhibitor of Mutant B-Raf

Sean Buchanan SGC Pharmaceutical Inc.

Fragmented-based Discovery of BCR-ABL Inhibitors for Treatment of Chronic Myelogenous Leukaemia

James Henry Eli Lilly & Company Design

Synthesis and Discovery of a Novel Multi-targeted Anti-angiogenic Kinase Inhibitor (MAK)

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