Exhibitor Information

Exhibition Package

If you would like to promote your company during the conference, there will be a small table top exhibition in the foyer area outside the meeting room, where coffee breaks and the conference main reception will take place. Each exhibitor will be provided with a 6ft table, two chairs and electricity. The exhibition fee also includes access to the meeting and all the social functions and receptions.

Please contact Claire Francis for further questions or availability. Booth space is limited to no more than 10 exhibitors. Please be advised that the Foundation will not provide additional security for the exhibit area.

Promotional Materials

For those companies or publishers who wish to have their materials presented to participants of the 2025 Winter Conference, please contact the Conference Office. You may submit a double sided promotional piece, pamphlet or journal issue for $250.00. Items will be given to each participant in along with registration materials. An example of your materials must be submitted and approved by the Foundation. Once you have approval, you will be give specific instructions regarding shipping.

Hospitality Events

Any company or publisher who would like to host a hospitality event can contact Dr Claire Francis

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