Archived: 4th Winter Conference
on Medicinal & Bioorganic Chemistry

January 28th - February 2nd 2001

Steamboat Springs Resort, Colorado


Sunday, January 28th 2001

Modern Heterocyclic Construction

Program Chair: Victor Snieckus, Queen’s University

Amir Hoveyda Boston College

Catalytic Enantioselective and Practical Olefin Metathesis Reactions

Jim K. Cha University of Alabama

New Synthetic Methods for Bioactive Heterocycles

P. Andrew Evans University of Delaware

New Organometalice Mediated Cross-Coupling Reactions for the Construction of Complex Biologically Important Natural Products

Monday, January 29th 2001

Modern Heterocyclic Construction (cont.)

Program Chair: Victor Snieckus, Queen’s University

Ron Grigg University of Leeds

Catalytic Cascade Reactions: Routes to Potentially Bio-Active Complex Heterocycles

David J. Hart Ohio State University

New Wrinkles on Old Reactions in Heterocyclic Chemistry: Applications to Alkaloid Total Synthesis

Victor Snieckus Queen’s University

Constructing Substituted Heterocycles: Comparing Directed ortho Metalation with Other Selected Methodologies

Al Padwa Emory University

Cascade Processes for Heterocyclic Synthesis

Target-Driven Approaches to Anticancer Agents

Program Chair: Bryan H. Norman, Eli Lilly and Co

Homer Pearce Eli Lilly and Co.

Evolving Molecular Targets for Anticancer Drug Discovery

Peter L. Toogood Pfizer Global R&D

Inhibition of Cyclin Dependent Kinases as an Approach to Cancer Therapy

Louis Lombardo Bristol-Myers Squibb

The Discovery & Preclinical Development of Benzodiazepine Farnsey Intransferase Inhibitors

Peter Traxler Novartix Pharma Ltd.

Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors from Rational Design to Clinical Trials

Tuesday, January 30th 2001

Pharmacokinetics for Medicinal Chemists

Program Chair: David Lau, Amgen Inc.

David Lau Amgen Inc.

Building Blocks on Basic Pharmacokinetics Concepts for Medicinal Chemists in Drug Discovery Support

Gondi Kumar Amgen Inc.

Metabolism Issues for Small Molecule Drug Discovery and Development

Recent Advances in the Structural Biology of Seven Transmembrane Receptors

Program Chair: Daniel Flynn, Millennium Pharmaceuticals

Thue Schwartz University of Copenhagen

State of the 7TMG- Protein Union – Lessons from Metal-ion Site Engineering and Fusion Proteins

Dale Mierke Brown University

Peptide Hormone Binding to GPCR Receptors: Structural Characterization via NMR Techniques

Oren Becker Bio Information Technologies

Modelling the 3D Structure of G-Protein Couples Receptors from Primary Sequence

Wednesday, January 31st 2001

General Papers

Program Chair: Mike VanNieuwenhze

Not Itemized

KEYNOTE | Vancomycin, Teicoplanin and Ramoplanin: Synthetic & Mechanistic Studies

Program Chair: Dale Boger, Scripps Research Institute

Thursday, February 1st 2001

Nuclear Hormone Receptors

Program Chair: Lawrence G. Hamann, Bristol-Myers Squibb

A. Brian Jones Merck Research Laboratories

New PPAR Modulators: Diabetes and Beyond

Marcus F. Boehm Ligand Pharm Inc.

Rexinoid Receptor Signalling Pathways as Targets for Drug Development

Timothy M. Willson Glaxo-Wellcome R&D

Metabolic Regulation through Orphan Nuclear Receptors

Jean-Marie Wurtz IGBMC

Ligand Specificity in RXP, RAR and VDR

John A. Katzenellenbogen University of Illinois

Novel Ligands for Estrogen Receptor Alpha and Beta

Donald P. McDonnell Duke University Medical Center

Nuclear Receptor-Cofactor Interactions as Targets for New Drug Discovery

Friday, February 2nd 2001

Alkene Metathesis

Program Chair: Anthony G.M. Barrett, Imperial College

Siegfried Blechert Technische Universitat Berlin

Sequential Olefin Metathesis – Applications in Natural Product Synthesis

Anthony G. M. Barrett Imperial College

Alkene Metathesis Applications from Small Molecules to ROMPGELs

Robert Grubbs California Institute of Technology

The Use of Ruthenium Carbenes in Synthesis

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