Archived: 6th Winter Conference
on Medicinal & Bioorganic Chemistry

January 23rd - 28th 2005

Steamboat Springs Resort, Colorado


Sunday, January 23rd 2005

Organic Synthesis in Non-classical Media

Program Chair: Michael Van Nieuwenhze, University of California

Paul Grieco Montana State University

Organic Synthesis in Water and Other Polar Media: An Overview

Hartmut Kolb The Scripps Research Institute

‘In Situ’ Click Chemistry: Enzyme Inhibitors Made to Their Own Specifications

Shu Kobayashi Tokyo University

Lewis Acid Catalysis in Aqueous Media

Monday, January 24th 2005

General Oral Session

Program Chair: Bryan Norman, Eli Lilly & Company

Not Itemized

Blockbuster Drug Symposium

Program Chair: Lester Mitscher, University of Kansas

Andy Bel Pfizer Global Research & Development

The Viagra Story

Dale Kempf Abbott Laboratories

The Kaletra-Ritonavir Story

David Wustrow Pfizer Global R&D

The Neurontin Story

Cascade Chemistry

Program Chair: Victor Snieckus, Queen’s University

Victor Snieckus Cobalt and Palladium

Reagents in Organic Synthesis: The Discovery and the Early Years

Masahiro Miura Osaka University

Transition Metal Catalyzed Sequential Coupling via C-H Bond Cleavage

Tom Kieboom Leiden University

Concepts of Nature in Organic Synthesis: Cascade Catalysis and Multistep Conversions in Concert

Ei-ichi Negishi Purdue University

Tandem and Cascade Carbon-Carbon Bond-Forming Processes Catalyzed by Pd and Zr Complexes

Tuesday, January 25th 2005

Solid-supported Reagents

Program Chair: Tony Barrett, Imperial College

David Bergbrieter Texas A&M University

Soluble Polymers as Easily Separable Supports in Synthesis and Catalysis

Paul Hanson University of Kansas

ROM-Polymerization Strategies for Facilitated Synthesis

Steve Ley Cambridge University

Development of New Methods for Organic Synthesis

John Parlow Pfizer Global Research & Development

Polymer-Assisted Solution-Phase (PASP) Chemical Library Synthesis and its Application on the Tissue Factor VIIa Projects

Wednesday, January 26th 2005

General Oral Papers I

Program Chair: Dennis Dean, Merck Research Labs

Bryan Norman Eli lilly & Company

Benzopyrans are selective ERbagonists for use in the treatment of prostatic diseases

Wayne Brouilliette University of Alabama - Birmingham

Design and Development of Low Toxicity UAB-rexinoids for Breast Cancer Chemoprevention

Robert Meissner Merck Research Laboratories

In vitro and In vivo of a ketone-containing avb3 integrin antagonist for the treatment for osteoporosis

William Kinney Johnson & Johnson

Computational and Pharmacokinetic Studies Directed at Understanding the Differences in Oral Bioavailability Seen between Closely Related aVb3integrin Antagonists

Robert Fecik University of Minnesota

Synthesis of Immunomodulatory Macrolides for Cystic Fibrosis

Katherina Leftheris Bristol Myers Squibb

Progression of a Novel Class of Orally Active p38 Map Kinase Inhibitors

Axrel Neffe University of Cantebury

Synthesis and Modelling Studies of Peptidomimetic Aldehydes Related to a Cataract Preventing Calpain Inhibitor

Shawn Stachel Merck Research Laboratories

Structure-based design of a series of potent and selective cell permeable inhibitors of humanbsecretase

Chemistry Quality and the Medicinal Chemistry- Biology Interface

Program Chair: Chris Lipinski, Pfizer Global Research & Development

Not Itemized

Thursday, January 27th 2005

Protein Conformational Plasticity in Drug Design

Program Chair: Dan Flynn, Deciphera Pharmaceuticals

Dan Erianson Sunesis Inc

Drug Discovery at Adaptive Signaling Interfaces

Betsy Goldsmith University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Dallas Binding Sites and Conformational Changes in Protein Kinases

Tim Willson GlaxoSmithKline

Exploiting Plasticity in Nuclear Receptor Drug Discovery

Small Molecule Modulation of Protein-Protein Interactions

Program Chair: Peter Toogood, Pfizer

Dale Boger The Scripps Research Institute

Targeting Protein-Protein and Protein-DNA Interaction using Solution Phase Combinatorial Chemistry

Lance Stewart deCODE Genetics Inc

The Poisoning of Human Topoisomerase I by Structurally Diverse Anticancer Compounds and Various Insults to DNA

Jim Stewart Sunesis Inc

Challenges for Drug Discovery at Protein/Protein Interfaces

David Rees Astex Technology Ltd

Starting Small and Strong: Fragment Based Drug Discovery

Friday, January 28th 2005

General Oral Papers II

Program Chair: Philippe Nantermet, Merck Research Laboratories

Neville Anthony Merck Research Laboratories

Development of a Potent HIV-1 Integrase Inhibitor with a Unique Resistance Profile

Charles Didier Imperial College

Double Oxidation of Tryptophanes: Synthesis of the Potent Anthelmintic Pyrrolobenzoxazine CJ-126621

Theresa Williams Merck Research Laboratories

Calcitonin gene-related peptide antagonists

Robb Webb Arena Pharmaceuticals

APD 356, A Potent and Selective 5HT2C Agonist is a Potential New Treatment for Obesity

Birgit Masjost Roche

Diagnostics Structure-based Optimization of Novel Azepane Derivatives as PKB Selective Inhibitors

Thomas Ruckle Serono Pharmaceuticals Research Institute

Identification and Development of Potent and Selective P13Kỷ Inhibitors

Kirk Stevens GloxoSmithKline

Unusual Heterocycle Synthesis: Routes to Pyrazolo[1,5-a]Pyridine Compounds as P38 Kinase Inhibitors

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